Going Nuts About Coconut Oil

Let’s admit it: We’re practical and lazy creatures. If we could have a multi-purpose product, we’d probably milk it for all its worth.

And that is why we absolutely adore coconut oil. This luxurious oil has not only beauty uses, but also health benefits! Here are seven uses of coconut oil that you probably didn’t know about.

  1. As a scrub.
    Make your own DIY body scrub by mixing the oil with sugar. Alternatively, you can also use brown sugar and a few drops of essential oil (we love the coconut-vanilla combo).
  2. To reduce calorie content in rice by half.
    Did you know that cooking rice with coconut oil, and then leaving it in the fridge for 12 hours before consuming it (ensure the rice is reheated thoroughly) can reduce the amount of calories by 60 percent? #lifesmiracles
  3. As an eye make-up remover.
    It works like an oil cleanser, breaking down the ink and waxy stuff in your waterproof mascara while keeping the sensitive area moisturised. #doublethegoodness
  4. To repair damaged locks.
    Coconut oil has intensive moisturising benefits, which makes it an awesome leave-in treatment for dry or damaged hair.
  5. As a deodorant.
    You read that right. The lauric acid in coconut oil kills bacteria that causes odour, making it a natural deodorant. To make your own, see this recipe.
  6. As a shaving cream.
    Ran out of shaving cream? Just grab that bottle of coconut oil, slather onto your legs and shave away!
  7. To reduce cholesterol level.
    Who would have guessed that something as simple and natural as coconut oil can help to decrease cholesterol levels and prevent heart diseases? Amazing!

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