While we’re familiar with seeing artists and musicians team up with M.A.C, the makeup brand’s new campaign takes epic to a whole new level by featuring four of the most exciting ladies in the music game right now. 

Each personality collaborated with M.A.C to create one unique product that captures their artistic spirit and creativity. Says James Gager, M∙A∙C Senior Vice President/Group Creative Director, “M·A·C has always been a supporter of both established and emerging talents in the music industry. We have a solid record of identifying and providing unique support to them at the beginning of their careers. With the Future Forward collaboration, we admired each artist’s distinctive sense of style and point of view on beauty.”

Dropping from 1st April through to May, all products will only be available at M.A.C’s 313@Somerset and Bugis Junction stores. Check out the specific dates and more details on each artist in the gallery below.