Haze-proof Your Skin To Make It Better Than The Air Quality

Start before The Haze is back.


If you live in the eastern part of Singapore, you’d probably have been greeted by a burning smell and slight haziness these past few days, especially at night and in the morning. While the government hasn’t declared that haze is back, they did warn that it could potentially happen these few days, as there are three “hotspots” in southern of Johor, to the east and northeast of Singapore. Some other areas that reportedly have “burning smell” include Bukit Panjang, Punggol, Bishan, Serangoon, Yishun and Aljunied.

You probably don’t want to bust out your N95 just yet if the situation doesn’t call for it, but it’s never too late to start taking special care of your health (drink lots of water!) and skin before the air quality gets worse.

Scroll through the gallery to see how to treat your skin right during this period.

Additional text: Chua Kit Wei

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