How to capture your hair perfectly in a selfie

There’s a selfie for everything, and since crazy hair colours are all the rage now, we won’t blame you for indulging in a little narcissism. Here are five tips to capture the fiercest helfie (hair selfie, geddit?).

  1. Keep your hair the focal point
    Your hair is so on point, you don’t even need all of your face in the picture.
  2. Sweep it casually over one eye
    Bonus: You’ll end up looking like a va va voom Jessica Rabbit.
  3. Close-ups aren’t always a good thing
    Technically this isn’t a selfie, but if you want a good picture of the back of your head… well there’s only so much you can do with a selfie stick. In this case, a wide-shot works best.
  4. Pick the most flattering angle
    For hairstyles that look better in profile, tilt your chin and look downwards to appear more flattering. Slight smiles are optional.
  5. Experiment, if you’re feeling bold
    Only attempt this if you’re feeling confident. Hardly anyone takes photos with their face hovering over the camera because it doesn’t give your features much definition (see: double chin galore), but it does make for one interesting helfie.

Image: Maksimov
Text: Clara How

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