We’ve all probably been through this: We see a hairstyle we love in a magazine and head to the salon to have the same haircut. The only problem? We forgot to bring the mag. And then, life happens and Murphy’s Law sets into motion: we can’t find the photo on Google.

So, sometimes, it’s best to stick to the basics: use words to describe the hairstyle to your hairstylist. But unless you’re a beauty writer or a hairstylist, finding the right words might be a challenge. This is why we’ve come up with a guide that breaks it down for you.

You want: A pixie

Style inspo: Kate Mara
Ask for: A closely clipped cut with a slight shag and pieces that frame your face.

You want: Short, tousled hair

Style inspo: Ashley Benson
Ask for: A short and punchy bob that grazes your shoulders with soft, angled layers.

You want: A short, shaggy ‘do

Style inspo: Taylor Swift
Ask for: A choppy, shoulder-grazing layered bob with a side-sweeping fringe to match.

You want: A side-sweep

Style inspo: Emma Stone
Ask for: Longer layers around the face with a long side fringe that skims your cheekbones.

You want: Perfect Bedhead

Style inspo: Dianna Agron
Ask for: A “choppy” layered style that’s heavily textured and shaped around the face.

You want: A blunt cut

Style inspo: Felicity Jones
Ask for: A straight, blunt cut softened with a side fringe to make thin strands look fuller and thicker.

You want: Flowing locks

Style inspo: Blake Lively
Ask for: Long layers with angles that start at your collarbone and go on to flick out.

You want: A straight cut

Style inspo: Olivia Munn

Ask for: A straight cut with blunt layers that face down on an angle from your collarbone.

You want: Medium-length hair

Style inspo: Chloë Grace Moretz
Ask for: A long cut with lengthened layers throughout the hairstyle.

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Images: Corbis, TPG/Click Photos
Text: Natalie Pang