Who says detox is reserved for your body? Your hair needs some thorough cleansing too. A build-up of products can seriously weigh down your locks, which makes styling them a tedious affair. Besides, CNY is coming, which makes this the best time to let your tresses shine and impress those relatives you haven’t seen for a long, long time.

  1. Add a generous amount of purifying shampoo to dry hair.
  2. Use your palms (not your fingertips) to work the shampoo in. Move your palms in circular motions, concentrating on the mid-lengths rather than the scalp.
  3. Slowly add water (you can use a spray bottle if you like) while continuing the circular motions for around three to five minutes, working through the mid-lengths to ends. Rinse thoroughly and repeat.
  4. Once hair is squeaky clean and towel-dried, add a treatment to the hair to replenish protein and moisture levels.

Image: lithian / 123RF.com
Text: Rachael Mannell