Get curls without the tongs

Longing for those enviable waves but don’t have the time or patience to battle the curling tong every morning? These easy methods will make you wanna leave the house with curls every day.

1. The pin-up method
Achieve curls that would make pin-up girls green with envy with this uber-simple technique.

2. The sock method
Have a lot of socks lying around? Put them to good use with this curling method.

3. The bun method
Bunning your hair is one of the best ways to create natural-looking waves. The rule of the thumb is simple: The bigger the bun, the bigger the waves.

4. The braid method
Instead of washing away those waves after a day of wearing braids, why don’t you leave those plaits overnight and wake up to cascading waves?

Images: TPG/Click Photos

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