It’s a universal truth that the only thing better than excellent beauty products are excellent beauty products that are also huge bargains. That’s why we’re being good citizens and telling you that today is your lucky day, because it’s Innisfree Brand Day on Lazada – a one-day only event with a tonne of exclusive promotions, including gifts with every single purchase you make.

While the online shopping world is your oyster nowadays, one of the many, many reasons we still love sites like Lazada where you can mix and match your brands is not only do they have great deals (Exhibit A: the brand day we’re telling you about), but because you can snap up these bargains from the comfort of your couch (or desk, if you’re having a sneaky look at work), saving you time and also the stress of having to battle the intense crowds at ION Orchard and scary sales ladies.

Just in case you need more convincing, a reminder that Innisfree is Korea’s number one natural brand, harnessing the natural and effective goodness from Jeju Island and packing it all into cute eco-friendly packaging.

Scroll through the gallery below to check out some of the deals available, then here’s a handy link to start shopping – and tell your wallet we say sorry.


But just a heads up before you spend every cent you have and plan to live off instant noodles until payday, the dermatologist-recommended SkinCeuticals is launching on Lazada tomorrow too and they’re doing some bundle deals to save you up to $130… you can check them out here – but don’t say we didn’t warn you.



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