Best Cheap Massages To Pamper Yourself With In Johor

Life of a tai tai.

Thong Yee Thong (Taman Pelangi)


Image: Thong Yee Thong’s Facebook

Unlike many of the others, Thong Yee Thong is not located in a mall. It’s at Taman Pelangi, which is relatively close to Woodlands, so it’s pretty convenient to go if you are driving. The prices may look different from other listed prices, but that’s because they charge 6% SST (the Malaysian equivalent of our GST) and these prices reflect the additional taxes.

Prices for a foot massage start at $17.50/RM53 for 60 minutes, and the full body massage are from $26.20/RM79.50 for 60 minutes.

For the full body massage, you can choose to add on either gua sha (scraping) or cupping for free. If you’re new to it and prefer to do without, that’s fine too.

Price (20 min) Price (30 min) Price (40 min)
Shoulder massage RM25.44 RM38.16 RM50.88
Price (60 min) Price (80 min) Price (120 min)
Foot massage RM53 RM65.72 RM100.70
Full body massage RM79.50 RM106 RM146.28
Foot & shoulder massage RM58.30
(40 min + 20 min)
(60 min + 30 min)
Full body & foot massage RM122.96
(60 min + 60 min)

Address: 71-73-75, Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru 80400


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