When IU first debuted on the music scene, she captured hearts with her cute, girly makeup and blunt bangs.

Her second album sees her maturing into a fine young lady, but one thing’s for sure, her go-to lip colour is still pink. She revealed during an appearance on Get It Beauty, “I actually like the colour pink. I use pink a lot on stage to express a bright image.” Her fave? A deeper shade of fuchsia, the hue that adorned her puckers in the music video of “The Red Shoes”.

Even when she’s acting in Scarlet Heart, in which she uses her birth name Lee Jieun, she’s almost always seen with pink lips. But instead of a full-coloured finish, she chooses a softer hue that’s often achieved with a lip tint. Here’s how to recreate her barely-there makeup look.

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Images: IU’s Instagram, ONE