Sometime in between 2014 till today, someone decided that parting your hair right down the middle was trendy, on-point and fashionable again. Yes, the 90s hair part associated with ah-bengs and fierce supermodels is here to stay. From short to long hair, and from tousles to braids, here’s how the best of K-Town rock the centrepart.

Loose yourself

Lee Sung Kyung

This look is the epitome of #Iwokeuplikethis: the loose, lightly tousled locks and (seemingly) natural parting pull the entire effortless look together.

Smooth operator


This is a catwalk fave and for good reason. There’s nothing sexier (or more sophisticated depending on your style) than letting your smooth straight locks hang, framing your face perfectly. Just be sure to add some shine to the lengths of your hair.

Short and sweet

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

Take it from Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung with her casual chic bob. Her slick, middle parted hair is so versatile you can take it for a date or even to the boardroom.

Braidy bunch

Wonder Girls Yoobin

Another great way to wear the centrepart is with two loose pigtails like Wonder Girls’ Yoobin. For this street style braids, keep the braids loos with carefully curled fringes.

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Text: Natalie Pang

Additional text: Cynthia Chew

Images: TPG/Click Photos