A look at Korean model Hwang Seon and you’ll probably gush over how amazing her skin look. Clear and translucent – just like how we want our skin to be. But one question that remains in our mind is, how did she maintain her skin so well despite her job, which requires her to pile on makeup for photo shoots and runway shows? We quizzed the model to find out.

What are your beauty must-haves?
I would say Laneige’s Water Bank Gel Cream and BB Cushion. I think moisture is the most important thing. Water Bank Gel Cream applies lightly and the moisture lasts all day long – especially the new upgraded Gel Cream, which refills the moisture and makes the skin hydrated for long time! Also, BB cushion is what I carry around all the time. It is convenient and easy to fix which makes the skin smooth and light.

How do you ensure your skin remains blemish-free with all the makeup you’re wearing?
I take lot of effort in cleansing no matter how tired I am. For cleansing, I try to select the type of cleansing products depending on what kind of makeup I have on.




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What is one beauty tip that Korean models swear by?
Same as all Korean women, we use skin refiner, essence, cream and moisture cream step by step after cleansing.  It seems like in other countries they don’t apply as much skincare step by step like in Korea.

What is your fave go-to off-duty look?
I prefer natural look instead of fancy look. During my days off, I wear simple clothes with one colorful item such as bag or sunglasses for fashion point and for makeup, I don’t do much. I only apply only BB Cushion for a natural look.



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What’s the best tip you’ve picked up from a makeup artist?
Recently, I’ve learned to use a sheet mask before applying makeup. It relaxes the skin and helps the makeup to blend well with moisture. If you don’t have a sheet mask on hand, you can use an essence and apply on your skin with a cotton pad before makeup.

Images: Laneige, TPG/Click Photos