When it comes to Korean lipsticks, your favourite Korean brands clearly have colour, covered. Lipsticks in various shades, textures and styles have made a huge impact on K-dramas, and by extension, what we’re buying. Lucky for us here in Singapore, the K-beauty brands we love keep delivering more and more lippies that we can’t wait to try. Here are a few of our current faves, some old and some new, that we love for their colours and textures.


We love the boldness of these colours and their textures are great for long-wear as well! Nothing says strong, independent woman like a great colour lipstick and these ones really deliver.

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One of last year’s hottest trends, matte doesn’t seem to be going anywhere with new textures and styles constantly on the market. You can get pretty creative when it comes to matte and these four lippies show you just how to do that.


In so many ways, tints are perfect for the lazy girls who aren’t too keen on wearing too much makeup. Tints add just the right amount of colour to your lips, even if you’ve decided to go with minimal makeup on that day. If you want something just a bit stronger, just touch up.

Feature image: TPG Images