If you follow Edward Avila’s YouTube channel, you’d probably know that he is known for doing makeup tutorials on how to look like various K-pop stars.

His recent video, however, sees him switching things up a bit when he brought new K-pop boyband Hotshot on set. Instead of doing a tutorial on how to emulate their looks, he made them wield the makeup brushes and apply makeup on him based on sample celebrity photos shown to them.

Kid Monster had to recreate Kylie Jenner’s makeup on Edward, and he tried (keyword: tried) to make Edward’s lips appear bigger by drawing out of the natural lip shape – a common trick used by makeup artist. Only, his wasn’t drawn evenly. Then, he applied what looked like a blusher on the apples of Edward’s cheeks. Someone tell him that Kylie is all about the contouring.

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Sungwoon and Timoteo, surprisingly did well, probably because they had to recreate VIXX’s N and EXO’s Baekhyun makeup looks, i.e. the typical K-pop boyband makeup they were familiar with. After doing Edward’s makeup, Timoteo even wrote Baekhyun’s name on the YouTuber’s cheek using eyeliner, as if signing off his work.

If there’s one thing we concluded from this video, it’s that these guys cannot apply lipstick to save a life.

Images: YouTube