Shhh, we’re gonna let you in on a secret: you know the quintessential ‘Korean’ look? The one with glass skin, immaculate coiffure and perfect gradient pout? Korean girls don’t wake up just looking like that. Seoul girls fall back on a couple of failsafe beauty hacks to get that look.

If French girls are known for their insouciant, effortless chic, the K-look could be defined by precision and perfection. There’s no smudged eyeliner or messy bedhead in the K-beauty lexicon. Instead, if you want to get the K-drama look, there are some surprisingly quirky yet specific tricks Seoul girls use. That’s right, there’s a lot more to looking like Song Hye Kyo than just having Sulwhasoo-worthy skin. Scroll through the gallery to find out a few easy yet essential steps to recreating that look.

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