Red eyeshadow? Really? Will it make you look all cried out? Can Asian women pull it off? We hear all your concerns because they were also mirror ours when we first heard that this is a major colour trend. This is why we have the affable Cat Koh, LANEIGE’s global makeup artist to show us how easy it is to wear this on the eyes.

What you need:

First, swipe using the medium shade (bottom left) from the Pure Radiant Shadow in No. 10 Rosebay Garden over the crease line. If the eyeshadow isn’t perfect, it’s OK. “You don’t need to worry about blending” says Cat, because you’ll be blending it over with the lighter shade (top left).

Line the eyes using the dark burgundy shade (bottom right). Use an angled (or slant) brush and wet it first – this will give you a more intensified colour. Gently tap along the lash line. Tip: Fill in the gaps with a brown eyeliner. Sweep the medium shade lightly over the eyebrows to complement the eye tones. Complete the look with a subtle pink blusher by lightly tapping over the cheekbones. Finish with some LANEIGE Highlighter over the forehead and under the eyes.

The finished look

Text: Cynthia Chew