If you’re wondering which lipstick colour suits you best or how to make it last longer, Korean actress and LANEIGE ambassador Song Hye Kyo together with celebrity makeup artist Ryu Hyun Jung dish out the tips and tricks.

How to pick your lip colours

“I think it’s important to choose a colour that complements your style and skin tone. LANEIGE Silk Intense Lipstick collection has 35 different colours, so I can choose the one that suits me the best.” – Song Hye Kyo

Singapore is the only country to carry all 35 shades of the Silk Intense Lipsticks! Which means, you can find a suitable colour regardless of your race/skin tone!

What to do when lipsticks don’t go on smoothly

“Sometimes, my lips can get dry and flaky, and lipsticks don’t go on as smoothly. So, I apply LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask, which is effective in exfoliating and moisturising my lips.” – Song Hye Kyo

Do you have to wear a lot of makeup when wearing red lipstick?  

“I usually don’t put on a lot of makeup, so to look lively, I usually go for red lip colours. This is because even when you’re wearing light makeup, it can make you look livelier.” – Song Hye Kyo


Make your red lipstick more subtle

“If you use a Q-tip to smudge Get the Red colour onto your lips, it will be sheerer, making it suitable for when you’re wearing lighter makeup.” – Ryu Hyun Jung

How to make your lipstick last longer?

“Before applying [the lipstick], pat on BB cushion to make sure the colour lasts longer. … You can use a BB cushion to ensure that you’re starting on a clean canvas. … This is important especially if you’re applying the colour to your whole lips, because it will create the appearance of perfect and beautiful lips.” – Ryu Hyun Jung

Make K-Beauty’s gradient lips look natural

“Apply the colour onto the inner parts of your lips, and blend it outwards to make it look natural.” – Ryu Hyun Jung

How to transform red lips

“Apply Exotic Yellow from the outer part of your lips inwards, following your lip line to transform the red colour into an orange tone. If you leave the inner part of your lips red, you’ll end up with a two-tone gradation effect.”

“There was a period of time where the dried rose lip colour was popular among Korean actresses. Using Forest Fantasy on top of Get the Red allows you to recreate that colour.”

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Text: Hidayah Idris and Cynthia Chew