Remember that time when everyone and their neighbour were eating Korean spicy noodles? There were a lot of tears, but the feeling of finishing a bowl of the super spicy, tongue-numbing noodles was quite satisfying.

Well, if you loved the noodles and K-Beauty, here’s your dream come true: Samyang has collaborated with K-Beauty brand Tony Moly for a hot makeup line, which includes a BB cushion, a blusher, a highlighter and lip tints.

Each of the product has packaging reminiscent of Samyang’s Korean Spicy Noodles (buldak bokkeummyeon), so think red packets with the brand’s iconic mascot.

The Hot COVERDAK Cushion, $18.66, not only has the mascot printed on the cover, but also embossed in the cushion.

Interestingly, unlike the typical BB cushion, the refill doesn’t entail changing the whole pan, but pouring a liquid from a sachet.

And all these are included in a cup noodle packaging. Too cute!

The only downside is that it only comes in two shades, 01 and 02, and the darker shade 02 is definitely too fair if you have deeper skin tone.

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The collection also includes the Noodle Blusher, $11.03, a fiery red colour, which goes on your skin as a bright reddish-pink shade, and a highlighter called Carbolighter. The name alludes to the “Carbonara sauce-like soft” effect you get when you apply it (their words, not ours).

If you love the tinge of red you see on your lips after eating spicy food, you can recreate the look with the Lip Sauce Tint, $12.44 each, which comes in two shades, Spicy Red and Red Orange. The former is a deeper red, while the latter is an orange-based red that brightens up your skin tone.

Want to own all of these limited edition products? You can pre-order the set from Shopee now for special price of $40.97. The products are also sold individually.

Images: Shopee

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