If you’re looking for an eyeliner that can withstand everything, look no further than the Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Liner. A woman who was in a car crash took a photo of her makeup post-accident. In the photo, she was seen with a neck brace and smudged eye makeup at the bottom of her eyes (from her mascara), but her eyeliner remains on-point.

She posted the photo on Kat Von D’s official website, giving the eyeliner a shining review. She wrote, “This product is truly amazing. June 28th I was pulled over in my car calling for roadside assistance when a distracted driver hit me going 55mph. I was taken via ambulance to the ER where I remained for 8 hours. My mascara was running down my face from crying and all other products had been wiped off in the transfer to the hospital. But not my tattoo eyeliner. I am posting a pick to show you, this product lasts and looks amazing through anything. Never buying any other liner again.”


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The eyeliner has been highly raved by many, including beauty gurus. On the website, the product description reads, “The highly pigmented, 24-hour-wear formula is waterproof and transfer-resistant. That means those lines aren’t goin’ anywhere… Insane days and sleepless nights can’t touch our cat eyeliner!”


The eyeliners are available in two colours, Trooper Black and Mad Max Brown, and are available at Sephora stores.

Now, please excuse us while we stock up on it.

Images: Kat Von D’s website