Hottest Beauty Trends In Korea In 2020: What To Expect And How To Emulate Them

kbeauty trends 2020

Take it from a Korean—the true secret of K-beauty is knowledge. Knowing how to treat your skin, knowing the best products, and knowing how to apply them. 2020 ushers in a promising new decade, welcoming even more beauty know-how. It’s no secret that since its advent to the international scene, K-beauty has shaken up our top shelves (goodbye harsh, drying toners) and depleted our bank accounts (goodbye savings). Thanks to our quest for Kdrama-worthy skin, we carefully slide into bed with our faces slathered in enough slime to make a snail blush (especially if it’s snail slime). So, in this brave new world, what are the latest K-beauty commandments to live by?

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Images: TPG/Click Photos
Text: Kelly Im

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