Local Label Spotlight: Faux Fayc Cosmetics

Two girls, one beauty dream. We grilled the ladies behind Faux Fayc Cosmetics, an up-and-coming local beauty brand made for the bold, independent woman, on their collection and beauty secrets.

How did the brand come about? And just to get it clarified once and for all, what’s the correct pronunciation of your brand?
We feel that in the local market, there’s a lack of cosmetic brands that are homegrown and relatable! We took a leap of faith and decided to fill up that gap to cater to women of all ages. Our concept is to be a contemporary, dramatic and bold cosmetic line. The correct pronunciation of the brand is ‘Foʊ – face’. Faux basically means ‘fake’ and ‘fayc’ is a spelling twist on the word ‘face’.

Share with us a few beauty tips or cheats that you both swear by.
Try airing your regular mascara for 10 to 15 seconds before applying it on your lashes. Some mascaras are wetter than others, [so] this helps to speed up the drying process so that your lashes will not be weighed down and droop after application! Curl your lashes at three parts: Curl the base first, [then] mid lashes and tip to make them last the entire day! If you urgently need to exfoliate your lips [but] don’t have any lips exfoliator products [on hand], use a soft toothbrush! Just remember to moisturise afterwards.

Tell us how your collabs with Mae and Min G came about. Why did you choose to work with them?
We chose to work with Mae and Min G because we really love their look and there’s a great opportunity [to bring] the FAUXSTIX concept across with their online persona. They’re also big fans of matte lipsticks and we figured that they would be the best personalities to endorse our FAUXSTIX MATTE LIQUID.

If you could only recommend one product from the brand (a must-have), what would it be and why should people get it?
We love all our products! However, if we were to choose one, it would be the Fauxlash Mascara Duo. It does wonders for our eyelashes and provides a 300% increase in length and volume! We do not see the need for fake eyelashes now and [this] saves all the unnecessary hassle for [falsies]. The Fauxlash Mascara Duo [can be easily removed] with lukewarm water or makeup remover as compared to other mascaras. It is really a godsend wonder for us!

Tell us more about the Transplanting Gel; it sounds really intriguing! How different is it from the normal mascara base?
The transplanting gel is a mascara base that creates a foundation to help the fibres adhere to your natural lashes. It is heavier and much thicker than normal mascara as it has adhesive capabilities. The transplanting gel provides a voluminous effect while the natural fibres will add more length. Therefore, we will recommend to only apply transplanting gel on the tip of your lashes, followed by the natural fibres, and then apply the transplanting gel again to seal the fibres.

We totes love the strong, bold colours of the Fauxstix Matte Liquid. Is there a reason why only bold shades are available? Do you plan on producing nude/softer tones?
Faux Fayc is a strong and bold brand [that emphasises] on our independent confident character. Therefore, our product palates are usually of bolder shades. However, we are definitely planning on producing nudes/softer tones to use on a daily basis to provide a flawless ‘Faux Fayc’ for the confident women. Do look out for new products and shades!

How do you define beauty?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and radiates from both within and the outside (appearance). It is definitely a must to dress up your face with makeup to look beautiful. However, we believe beauty on the outside needs to be [supplemented with] beauty that exudes [from] within too. Lastly, remember that we don’t need anyone or anything to validate our worth as a woman.

What’s your current fave look?
We are diggin’ this year’s spring trends that is less safe. This year, we get to see a lot of looks using bold eyeliners and strong lip colours while keeping the rest of the face simple.

Which celeb in your opinion has never messed up on the beauty front, and what do you like about her beauty style?
We really love Cara Delevingne’s look! She is very experimental when it comes to her make up styles and exudes beauty with her fun and bold personality.

We heard you guys will be launching a foundation very soon. Can you tell us more about that?
Our Faux-less Mattifying Mousse is a liquid mousse foundation that gives a powdery finish once applied on your face! It provides a really smooth, light velvety texture with a matte finish too, giving a flawless look! It comes in three shades for the Asian skin: Light Neutral; Fair Yellow, and Warm Yellow.

How often can we expect new things from Faux Fayc Cosmetics?
We try to be current with new and exciting products every few months. We’re always on the lookout for new cosmetic products and trends.

Get your Faux Fayc products at fauxfayc.com.

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