If you think finding the right skincare products is hard work, wait till you start your own beauty line. In just three years, Mmerci Encore founder Alli Sim has survived battles on the technological front (her website got hacked!) in her quest to create bespoke scents and homemade beauty products. But it seems that the storm has passed and her product line is now on track, attracting a burgeoning consumer base with a penchant for using organic products. The secret to her success? As she told us in an interview we did with her last year, it was simple: “Have big dreams, but also remember to keep your expectations realistic and work at it one step at a time.” #wisewords

Editor’s picks
Find out which products are on the list of Editor, Alicia’s must-haves!

1. Awakening Organic Sugar Scrub, $50
“This was the first product I tried from Mmerci Encore, and I fell in love with it immediately. There is no way my weekly body exfoliating regime is complete without this body scrub. It smells heavenly, sloughs away all dead skin, and leaves my skin feeling smooth, supple and smelling like heaven.”

2. Invigorating Facial Mist, $35
“I travel a lot and my skin gets really messed up from airplanes sucking the life out of it. I seek reprieve for my skin with this amazing facial mist, which I spritz on obsessively every chance I get. Some times, I even spray some of this mist onto my pillow to guarantee a good snooze.”

3. Glow Elixir, $36.50
“This is what I call meditation in a bottle. Whenever I feel a headache coming on or stressed out, I roll this onto my pulse points and take a whiff of my wrists to relieve the tension. Works all the time.”

Visit Alli’s aromatherapie atelier and blog at www.mmerciencore.com

Images: Mmerci Encore