We have the perfect rebuttals to every excuse that you make to avoid applying sunscreen.

“It takes too long to put on”
Well lazypants, if you can spend 30 minutes on your hair and makeup, you can spare five minutes applying sunscreen. In fact, sunscreen takes about 30 minutes to be absorbed fully by your skin, so you might as well spend some time on sunscreen application first. Bioré UV Perfect Spray SPF50+ PA++++ is great for those who are lazy – all you have to do is spray all over your face and body before you move on to your usual beauty regimen.

“It ruins my makeup”
Sunscreen technology has improved tremendously in the past five years, so stop thinking that all sunscreens are thick, icky lotions. Bioré UV Perfect Spray SPF50+ PA++++ doesn’t leave behind a sticky or oily residue, so you can easily apply your foundation almost immediately after application. And if you want to head out for lunch, simply spray it over your face. That way, your makeup stays intact, and you’re fully protected.

“My sweat will cause it to wear off in no time”
If you love being outdoors, it’s crucial that you opt for sweat- and waterproof sunscreen. Bioré UV Perfect Spray SPF50+ PA++++ will stay on while you’re sweating it out for up to two hours, and the spray format makes it really convenient to apply while you’re out and about.

“I hate how icky it feels”
Unlike other cream-based sunscreens, Bioré UV Perfect Spray SPF50+ PA++++ is formulated with Bioré’s unique “Sara Sara” finish that feels smooth and matte on your skin. So even if you apply it multiple times over the day, you may forget that you have sunscreen on!

Images: Biore, Nophamon Yanyapong / 123RF.com
Text: Natalie Pang