This Happens To Your Skin When You Workout With Makeup

remove makeup before workout makeup cleansing wipes
remove makeup before workout makeup cleansing wipes

If you schedule your workouts after work, you may be tempted to skip washing your face and removing all your makeup to make it to that hot yoga or HIIT class on time. After all, it’s only going to be another one hour of gym before your post-workout shower. And you never know, that snack from last week might just be at class too. Or what if you want to take a celebratory #gymfie for surviving the week and the gym session?

But deep down, you know that you should take off all your makeup before you begin your sweat sesh. In case you had any doubts about it, here’s a quick refresher on why you need to remove every little bit of makeup before you hit the gym.

It breaks out

Your skin has naturally occurring bacteria or microflora, just like your gut microflora. They feed on your dead skin cells and sebum, and an increasing number of studies reflect that maintaining a good balance of skin microflora is key to healthy skin.

Now, when you work out, you sweat. The extra sweat and sebum become a buffet spread for bacteria, and can cause the healthy balance of bacteria to go out of whack – especially if you have on makeup which traps dirt and grime and everything that is bad on your skin.

Removing makeup allows your skin to breathe better, and for your perspiration to evaporate faster from the surface to help you cool down and prevent bad bacteria from thriving.

It gets clogged 

Perspiring is your body’s way of bringing down your temperature because you get hot when your engines get going. When this happens, your pores dilate, and a layer of makeup on top will essentially block your pores leading to to congestion which come in the form of breakouts, blackheads and irritated skin.

Even sweat-proof makeup that doesn’t budge when you sweat, can clog pores – even if you’re wearing on parts like your eyes that don’;t have sweat glands. Even mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow  should be removed. If the mascara’s formula is not great, or if you accidentally rub your eyes during your gym session, the mascara may run and cause milia seeds to form around the eyes

It ages faster 

You spend a lot of money on anti-inflammatory and antioxidant products to beat free radicals. But working out with your makeup on can cause skin inflammation which leads to free radical damage that shows up on the skin in the form of fine lines and dullness.

It’s best to keep your makeup remover in your toiletry bag. We like makeup remover wipes, for the convenience and fuss-free use. Here are five of our favourite ones:

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