Freshly launched in Singapore, 3INA (pronounced as mee-nah) is the new kid on the block in our beauty landscape. Housing over 700 products – including 70 different shades of lipsticks – the brand is also cruelty-free, paraben-free and made in Europe.

We met the founders Mark Eve and Pablo Rivera, to find out what prompted them to venture into the world of beauty.

Pablo Rivera (left), with Mark Eve (right).

How did 3INA come about?

Mark: We’re from a fashion background – we spent a lot of time going through and we’ve seen very typical looks of beauty, very aspirational but sometimes unattainable for many people. So we thought about creating a brand that empowers women to express themselves and their own personalities, and that’s how 3INA was born.

Pablo: I think the world was screaming for 3INA to exist. The industry is so rigid and homogenous – people look the same! So I think 3INA is the voice of reality that is happening in the world today, which includes being honest, real, playful and diverse with makeup. It’s just a normal reflection of the world.

The cosmetics industry is competitive. What do you think gives 3INA an edge over other brands?

Mark: First of all, the quality and price ratio of our products. Second thing is the movement that 3INA is creating. We want people to express their personalities through makeup and colours.

Pablo: Our real and honest approach to beauty.

Mark: The girls in our campaigns are hand-picked by their personalities, not because of their looks. You can sense it when you see the images when the model is smiling. Even in videos, you can sense why this girl is a 3INA girl.

3INA is heavy on bright and bold colours. What are some of the trendier colours at the moment?

Mark: The best-selling colours are still berries and nudes. These are the ones that people feel most comfortable with. But our signature blue has been a big hit with the public. We’ve done it quite a few times on the eyes and it seems to be a very popular colour this year. An interesting one also is our Chubby Blush. Traditional blushers are normally in a compact case. But now, it’s all about being on-the-go. We’re moving away from typical brush application techniques.

Given our climate and the different beauty styles we follow, what products do you think would do well here?

Pablo: We think that our products are perfect for the Singapore weather because our formulas are highly-pigmented, long-lasting and very easy to apply.

Mark: There are certain products that really appeal to the market. One thing is our cream eyeshadow – highly pigmented, very long-lasting and you can only kind of remove it with our removers so it’s pretty water-resistant. It doesn’t crease and run in the rain so it’s perfect for the weather. Our waterproof mascara would do well here too – it’s transparent, so you can put it on top of your current mascara. We also have a setting spray, which would do well in both cold and hot climates for your makeup to last all day.

What are some ways to incorporate fun colours into our daily look?

Mark: It’s one step at a time. We recommend the pencils, probably. You could use them at the corners of your eyelids. We’ve also got different coloured mascaras so you can keep your top lashes black and then just colour the bottom ones for a pop of colour. For eyeshadows, you can add some colour – either very lightly or you can really go all out with them.

Are there any dual-use products or any alternative ways to use your cosmetics?

Pablo: 3INA is all about playing around with makeup. For example, using lipsticks as a blusher. We have more than 70 colours of lipsticks, so imagine 70 possibilities of blushers. You can also use them as eyeshadows.

Mark: We always ask our customers to hashtag us on social media because that’s our reference. We want to see how people are using our products and that inspires us more to come up with cleverer ways of introducing interesting and innovative products and styles to play with.

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If I only have 5 minutes to do my makeup, what can I do to make myself stand out from the crowd?

Mark: Take the eye pencils and colour your bottom lashes with a mascara.

Pablo: Lipsticks! A statement. You can say a lot with lipsticks. The Longwear Lipstick 503 and 505 are our best-sellers.

The Longwear Lipstick 503 (left), with The Longwear Lipstick 505 (right).

What are some of your upcoming launches?

Pablo: Our Christmas collection is going to be an all-graphic makeup collection, which is very much on trend.

Mark: There will be a lot of glitters coming through next year.

3INA is at located at #01-27 Tampines Mall and B2-67 ION Orchard.