My makeup routine hasn’t really changed since I switched from wearing contact lenses to glasses for good, a few years ago after a major bout of eye infection. Why should I stop having fun just because of a pair of frames on my face? In fact, my spectacles have become my signature look I feel weird without them! However, if you’re still struggling with the right makeup for you, read on.

  1. Define your eyebrows

Although your eyeglass frames may be getting the attention first, your eyebrows will be the next in line so be sure to keep your arches well groomed. Pluck or trim any scraggly stray hairs and fill in the gaps with a brow pencil or powder shadow.

  1. Draw your eyes

It’s easy for your eyes to get “lost” behind those frames. So line your eyes – make sure that the upper lash line extends across the entire eye, thinner on the inner corner and thicker on the outer corner. You may also want to adjust the thickness of your eyeliner accordingly. If your frames are thick, consider applying a thicker eye line to the upper lashline so that your eyes stand out.

  1. Prevent lashes from hitting the lenses

If you have that problem, lucky you! Curling your eyelashes is key. If you’re planning on putting on falsies, you may want to avoid the dramatic ones. Trim the edges just a teeny bit if your lashes hitting the lenses really annoy you.

  1. Avoid frame slippage

At one point or another, your glasses are going to slip especially when you start to perspire. If the slippage is frequent because of your makeup, then switch to long-wearing makeup formulas. But for those who like me, still love their dewy makeup, tap a little extra powder over the area where the spectacles nose pads sit to “matte down” the area. Be sure to also keep your glasses clean by wiping the edges off any makeup residue at the end of the day.

  1. Make a lip statement

Who says you need to be boring just because you are wearing glasses? Nothing stops a lipstick junkie from making a beauty statement with her lips so go on, put on a bright lipstick and get ready to rock!


You’ll notice that a lot of the same makeup rules apply even for those who are not wearing glasses. So just embrace your love for makeup and don’t let your glasses get in the way of a confident face and smile. In fact, take a step further in finding a pair of frames to match your style instead.


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Text: Cynthia Chew