I have lashes that are sparse and not very long. My lower lashes are even more pathetic to the point of near non-existence. Mascara helps to define them but they can still appear somewhat spidery. I have tried lash growth serums but have not been consistent so that’s why my poor lashes are where they are today. So when I heard about Lash Rebirth by Paramedic Aesthetics, I jumped at the opportunity to review the treatment especially when I was assured that it is painless.

What is it about?


It is a technology formulated in the US and Taiwan, and the procedure performed by certified technicians, is simply to accelerate the body’s natural process of re-growing your eyelash hair naturally. To aid 100% penetration, they use micro-needles therapy system to exfoliate and clear any “rubbish” that may block the serum (made of stem cells derived from human hair follicles) from supplying nutrients to the lashes when it is applied following that. Sounds scary but they are so micro you won’t feel the needles and this is why no numbing cream is required. What you’ll feel however is a slight discomfort from the pressure applied along the waterline.

The procedure takes about 10 minutes each eye and your eyes will be treated to a soothing eye mask after the procedure. You will also receive a treatment kit of three tubes of stem cell solution and one large tube that contains a highly concentrated serum. This treatment kit acts to stimulate the growth cycle of the client’s eyelashes for up to three cycles.

What’s the down side of this treatment?

None really as there are no side effects. The only “down” for me is the fact that you have to go makeup-less (or no eye makeup) for at least the first three days after the procedure. Furthermore, you are also required to apply the serum three times a day on the treated eyelashes for the next three consecutive days, repeating the application until the stem cell solution is finished, which will be in about two to three months. This I admit takes a lot of determination.

Eyelash measurements

Looking at the tip of the middle lashes – they grew by about 2mm.

Before and After

Factors like age can affect hair growth – that means, the older you are when you start this treatment, the slower the rate of regrowth. And this is why for me, it didn’t grow as significantly as I had hoped. However, under really close scrutiny, the lashes on the inner corners have grown a little and the most obvious growth is actually my bottom lashes. But if you are in your 20s with much younger lashes than mine, I’d say go for it cos you can expect to see an average of 3mm growth to even as long as 8mm once the procedure is completed successfully!  Paramedics Aesthetics

Lash Rebirth costs $776 for three sessions.Available at Paramedics Aesthetics, #02-03 TQL Suites, 9 Tan Quee Lan Street (Bugis MRT Exit D). Tel: 6238 2228.

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Text: Cynthia Chew

Images: Cynthia Chew and Paramedics Aesthetics