There are two areas people look at when they’re talking to you: your eyes and your lips. This means every lipstick mistake is obvious if someone looks at you long enough, and those mistakes are further highlighted if you’re using a bold colour. Want a perfect pout? Here are four tips for a flawless application.

1. Prime your lips
Just like your face and eyes need primer, your puckers also need a good foundation to build on. But hold that thought – don’t apply primer on your lips. Rather, put on lip balm to moisturise your lips before applying the lip colour. It fulfils the functions of both a moisturiser and a primer. #doubleduty
Tip: Don’t apply lip balm right before you put on lipstick. Apply it before you start doing your base makeup to allow time for your puckers to absorb the moisture.

2. Line your lips
If you’re using strong lip colours (especially red), it’s advisable to line your lips to avoid the feathery effect, and also to prevent mistakes. A smudged dark or bright colour leaves a stain that gets worse the more you try to scrub it off. More importantly, be sure to blend your lip liner and lip colour so to get rid of the harsh line.
Tip: Erase mistakes with a makeup remover instead of just using a piece of tissue paper. If need be, conceal the area so it doesn’t look splotchy.

3. Use a lip brush
There is a reason why makeup artists use lip brush – and it’s not just because of hygiene reasons. A lip brush affords you greater control over the application area and technique, which makes it easier to create define lips. You can also prevent mistakes since you’re applying the colour to a small area at a time.
Tip: Wash your makeup brushes after every use. Your mouth area is home to a lot of bacteria (gross but true) and a small amount of saliva will inadvertently get on the brush with each use. Hence, make sure you clean the brush regularly with a brush cleanser.

4. Pat on foundation
Yes, we did tell you to not put on primer, but foundation acts as an awesome primer for longer-lasting lipstick. Powder foundation works best for this trick (liquid ones may sit in the lines of your lips), but remember to blot away the excess foundation before putting on the lip colour!
Tip: Use a concealer around your lips for a more defined finish, especially if you’re using a bold colour.

Images: Mykyta Starychenko /, puhhha /