Our hot and humid climate can be a real pain at times, especially for those of us who wear makeup regularly. It’s not easy to find a product that doesn’t fade when we sweat, and foundations tend to look duller as the day progresses.

The reason why foundations tend to dull or turn into an unflattering shade of orange is because of a chemical reaction called oxidation. Just like how certain fruits turn brown when exposed to air, the pigments in your foundation can change shade when it comes into contact with humidity and your skin’s natural oils.

If you can’t seem to get your foundation to stay fresh, THEFACESHOP’s Anti-Darkening Cushion might just be the solution. The long-lasting makeup cushion is formulated to withstand humid and high-temperature environments, all while making sure your skin tone remains even and true to the foundation’s shade throughout the day. It’s also lightweight, which allows breathability for your pores, and brightens your skin tone for a radiant finish.

But don’t just take our word for it – check out the video below, where we put the makeup cushion to the test.

THEFACESHOP’s Anti-Darkening Cushion comes in five shades that are tailored for Asian skin tones. So if you want an easy-to-use foundation that brightens dull skin in an instant, is flattering for Asians, and doesn’t slip and slide in the sun, give this a try!

THEFACESHOP Anti-Darkening Cushion retails for $33 each at all THEFACESHOP and THEFACESHOP-Nature Collection stores.