Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks, $17.90

Why this is a must-have:
The right blush can make or break your look. But the good news is that blush is one of those makeup items you don’t have to fork out lots of cash for; plenty of great options can be found on a budget. Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks is one of those – its translucent, matte finish makes it super versatile and pretty foolproof, since you can just brush it on without worrying about overdoing the colour or shine. Meanwhile, it has a soft-focus effect powder to give you an even, poreless glow. With five different colour palettes, you can be sure to find the appropriate shade to brighten up your whole face!

Canmake Jelly Stick Gloss, $14.90

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Finish off with a slick of Canmake Jelly Stick Gloss. With a soft texture that melts when it comes into contact with your body heat, the gloss-in-a-stick format will give you eye-catching luster that won’t feel sticky. Moisturising ingredients such as macadamia seed oil, honey and rosa multiflora extract also care for your lips, leaving them feeling oh-so-soft.

Available at Watsons, BHG, John Little, Tokyu Hands, Tins And Bottles, Pink Beauty and Big Box.