The world likes things that comes in twos. Couples. Chromosomes. Animals on the ark. But not necessarily eyelids. Single eyelids, monolids, hooded lids – whatever you call them, you already know they look good naked. But shadows, liners and lashes aren’t just for those packing a pair of epicanthal folds, single eyelid beauties can have as much fun with them too. Here’s how.

Level 1: Eyeliner
You ask: “My eyelids are hooded, so what’s the point of wearing eyeliner?” We say: a perfectly placed cat-eye highlights the natural structure of your face. The trick is to balance between too little liner and too much. Try looking straight ahead into the mirror and using your eyeliner to draw an outline just above your eye opening so that a hint of eyeliner will remain visible while your eyes are open. Use this as a guide so you’ll know just how much liner to apply.

Level 2: Eyeshadow
Maybe you’ve had a long, torrid love affair with black eyeliner. But when it comes to colour, you’re like “What’s that?” Time to break out of your monochromatic world. All it takes is just one shade to add a playful statement to your look. You needn’t go with brights, either. Brown is having a beauty moment, so pick a neutral shade with a slight shimmer and apply it all over your lids. Add a matte shade around the edges to give definition and ta-dah, you’ve just revamped your whole look.

Level 3: Reverse Eyeshadow
On the flip side, here’s a look that’s practically made for single eyelid beauties – the reverse smokey eye. Adding that smoky dash to your lower lids draws attention to the almond shape of your eyes. To get the look, smudge a gel or pencil liner into your waterline, and blend it outwards with a matching eyeshadow to get a smokey effect. Try it with a different colour – like plum, or navy – for an intriguing effect.

Level 4: Smokey Eyes
No matter what eye shape you have, the classic smokey eye is a no-brainer. But remember to tailor it to your face, because, after all, no two pairs of eyes are exactly alike. For smaller, almond-shaped eyes, try not to overwhelm your peepers with a load of matte black shadow, and play with softer, sheer or shimmery tones to add balance to your look. Don’t overlook mascara, either. Hint: when it comes to catching every single one of your lashes, a mini eyelash curler is easily your new BFF.

Text: Kit Chua