Growing up as a person of colour, it was challenging to find concealer that work for my skin tone. Most were too light, and if there were available in deeper shades, they still had a pink undertone that tends to go grey if you have warm (yellow) undertones like me. Undertones play a big role in finding the right concealer and sometimes this can get tricky if you have a deeper skin tonedeeper skin tones can have yellow or even red undertones and things can get complicated if you have a mix of both.

Fast-forward to 2019. While I’m not exactly spoilt for choice for concealers that work in Singapore, I do have more options than I used to. Some of the OG brands to carry concealers that worked on people of colour were MAC Cosmetics and Bobbi Brownboth of which were some of the first I used. The good news is, more brands are now being more inclusive and introducing more shades to their foundation and concealer ranges—which means more options for me and you. Scroll through the gallery to see concealers that work for persons of colour with warm undertones. Most of the brands featured also cater to red undertones. You just have to choose carefully. 

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