While there haven’t been any new cases of the coronavirus in Singapore as of yesterday, and the Ministry of Health has advised that you don’t need to wear a mask unless you’re ill, some of us with low immunity continue to don surgical masks as preventive measures. With more than half your face covered, you can easily skip foundation, and focus on the features that can be seen. While all of us might not have time to do elaborate eye makeup in the morning, everyone will have a few moments to get their brows on fleek.

Eyebrows are important in framing your face. While it’s not rocket science, brows have always been one of the trickier products to apply but don’t fret—we’ve rounded up a list of the easiest brow products to use so you can have brows that slay.

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Text: Arissa Ha / The Singapore Women’s Weekly / March 2018
Additional text: Smita DeSouza
Image: Unsplash