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Whether you’re exhausted all the time or have naturally small eyes, if you’ve always wanted your eyes to look bigger, we hear you. After all, bigger eyes instantly make you appear alert, awake and ready to take on the day. All you need is the right liner and this easy eyeliner trick, and you’ll have eyes that pop.

The easiest way to give the illusion of bigger eyes is to draw an invisible eyeliner. What’s this sorcery, you ask? Also known as tightlining, the invisible eyeliner trick involves filling in the tiny space between your lashes and upper waterline. If this sounds a little time consuming and slightly dangerous – it can be. You may run the risk of hurting yourself when you’re in a rush. But that’s only if you’re not using the right eyeliner. You want something with a soft, flexible tip like the KATE Eye Shade Marker.

how to make your eyes look bigger Kate Eye Shade Marker

The unique cushion-soft tip of this eyeliner makes it safe and incredibly easy to pull off this eyeliner trick. Available in shades of black and brown, the KATE Eye Shade Marker is packed with pigment, and the flexible cushion tip allows you to literally “stamp” the liner on. All you have to do is look straight into the mirror and gently tap the liner onto your upper waterline. Filling in the waterline makes it look darker, framing your eyes and making them look bigger. Bonus: it even looks like your eyelashes are thicker! Finish by lightly tracing a line at the outer corners of your eyes. Tightlining or drawing an invisible liner to emphasise your eyes is perfect for days when you’re going for that no-makeup makeup look or when you’re not in the mood for a graphic cat-eye.

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Learn how to perfect the invisible liner trick with this tutorial.

KATE Eye Shade Marker, $17 is available at Don Don Donki, selected SaSa and Watsons stores, Welcia-BHG and Lazada.