If you’ve been struggling to find the right red or nude lipstick or the perfect foundation that looks like you’re wearing nothing, but seem to be struggling, it might be because your makeup whether foundation, lipsticks or eyeshadow, doesn’t match your undertone.

So what’s an undertone again?

Your undertone is completely different from your skin tone or shade. Your undertone is the hue that shows through your skin tone or shade. So you could be a light, medium or deep skin tone or shade, but with a warm, cool, olive or neutral undertones. The first step to getting your makeup right—whether it’s a lipstick, eyeshadow or foundation—is to first determine your undertone.

Everybody falls under one of these undertones:

Warm: Think golden, honey, yellow

Cool: Think pink, red or blue

Neutral: A mix of cool and warm tones, or having neither.

Olive: Think yellow-based green, just like the fruit.

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Here’s a few pointers to help you determine your undertone  

Keep in mind that just like with body shapes or face shapes, you might not fall clearly into just one undertone—you could be a warm undertone with a little bit of coolness, and vice versa. In which case, go with colours and shades that suit the predominant undertone.

Images: Unsplash