Everyone needs a little glitter in their lives, especially during the festive season.

Enter the glitter lipstick. These are not the glitter lipsticks from your childhood in garish colours and with coarse glitter pieces. Instead they are creamy, smooth and cover your lips in a subtle veil of glitter. As such, they are longer-lasting and make for the ultimate shortcut to a party look. When I was road-testing these lipsticks, on a day where I had very minimal makeup on, and a colleague commented, “Your makeup looks so nice!” Literally all I had done was swipe on a glitter lipstick. But that doesn’t mean you can only wear it for the festive season. Here’s how to wear it beyond December 2019.

How to wear the glitter lipstick

If you’re going to wear a glitter lipstick, make it the focal point of your makeup look. Even out skin tone with base makeup and concealer, so it acts as the perfect canvas for your lips. Skip heavy-duty highlighter and contouring that could compete with a glitter pout.

When it comes to eyes, there is no wrong choice: neutral eyeshadows, a flick of eyeliner, soft smoky or even a fully smoky eye all work well with a glitter pout, as you will see in the pictures below.

The glitter particles in the lipsticks I tried didn’t migrate to the rest of my face, and at the end of the day, they came off easily with makeup remover on a cotton swab or makeup cleansing wipes. But the glitter particles in your lipstick move, use a Q-tip to remove it without smudging or affecting the rest of your makeup.

You should also swatch it on the back of your hands to see if you like the glitter payoff—while some lipsticks look super glittery on the bullet, the glitter specks don’t show up well on the lips. So, to ensure you get the finish you like, swatch it on the back of your hand before making the purchase.

Scroll through to see all the glitter lipsticks I tried.

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