The makeup world has long been divided into two: #teamcream and #teampowder. However, there’s a new contender entering the mix to take on both these sides: jelly makeup.

As its name suggests, jelly makeup has a bouncy, jelly-like texture that is light to touch and usually imparts a cooling sensation when applied. Before you scoff and write it off as a trend that will soon die out, jelly makeup is actually a good addition to your dressing table.

It has a lighter consistency than your cream or powder products, which makes it ideal for Singapore.  Plus, jelly makeup is super easy to use⁠—just dab it on with your fingers and you’re good to go⁠—and the colour payoff is not compromised because of its texture. It can also be used together with your usual creams and powders (just remember to use it before your powder).

Given its growing popularity, it’s safe to say the jelly makeup set to be one of 2019’s biggest beauty trends. Scroll through the gallery to see our current faves.

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Text: Ho Guo Xiong
Image: Butter London