When it comes to lip colour, there’s no such thing as a single shade that suits everybody. After all, what looks good on Kylie Jenner may not necessarily look good on you.

The good news is, the Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge, created by makeup artist Lily Eldridge, comes in shades that suit almost all skin tones. She made sure each colour family (red, nude, coral, orange and pink) was well-represented, which is why there’s a whopping 39 shades in this collection, so you’ll definitely be able to find something that tickles your fancy and skin tone.

The lippies come in three different finishes: cream, sheer and matte. So whether you prefer a sheer colour, a creamy formula or a matte finish à la Kylie, L’Absolu Rouge has got you covered. And don’t worry about battling with dry lips – all three formulae are infused with ingredients such as Pro-Xylane that not only keep your lips moisturised, but also ensure the colour doesn’t feather so you can have a perfect pout all day.

The best thing yet? The tube only opens when you click the top of the cap, so you don’t have to worry about it accidentally coming off mid-commute and ruining the inside of your bag.

To put L’Absolu Rouge’s versatility to the test, we got three girls with different skin tones to try out five colours that purportedly suit everyone. Scroll the gallery to see how the lipsticks look on each girl.

Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge retails for $46, and is available in 39 shades and is available at all Lancôme counters, as well as Sephora outlets.

Models: Olanda Low, Ravinjeet Kaur Khosa, Nordiana Bakar
Makeup: Lina using Lancôme products
Hair: Leny Fu

A Lancôme special, created by CLEO.

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