There’s no denying that red lips are always hot and in trend but update it by giving it a K-Beauty twist. Taking our inspiration from Concept Korea as seen here on the model, create an ombre lip look in metallic finish. There are numerous possibilities with the colour combination – classic red + metallic orange on the inner lips or vice versa, or metallic red + orange, etc. Basically you can give your red lips a makeover in any way you like simply by switching up the pairing shade.

Get the look #1

  1. Outline the lips with a red lipstick. Soften the line with a lip brush.
  2. Coat the entire lips with the same red lipstick.
  3. Go over the centre (and inner side) of the mouth with a metallic orange to amplify your pout.

Get the look #2

  1. Fill the inner side of the mouth with your choice of lipstick.
  2. Purse your lips or use a lip brush to spread and feather the colour.
  3. Apply another lipstick shade on the outer side.
  4. Purse your lips several times to make sure the colours are spread evenly.

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Text: Cynthia Chew