Last Thursday, dressed in a canary yellow top and full Oscar De La Renta skirt, Rihanna glided into a room filled with 30 editors.  What she lacked in bra, she made up for in illuminator and diamonds, both a glossy gold. We had been basking in the Instagram-perfect lighting at  the Navy Yards in Brooklyn, New York (picked in part for its fitting name, what up Rihanna Navy) for the much-hyped launch of Fenty Beauty . We were all trying to be nonchalant and professional. We were all failing miserably. I mean, it’s Rihanna.

Rihanna Fenty Beauty launch
Image: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Fenty Beauty


“Hiiii! Have you had a chance to try the products?” she cooed.

Up came 30 phones, like she was in that episode of Black Mirror. For the record, she seemed so damn nice that I kind of didn’t want to put my phone in her face. It seemed a bit weird, given she was so graceful and welcoming that we were obviously destined to be friends.

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Spoiler alert: This story does not in fact end with us actually becoming friends. Maybe because her real best friend was there distracting her. I would hate her, but when Rihanna pointed her out, she yelled across the room, “I’m so proud of you!” and I died from the cuteness.

The number of phones around her only worsened for the launch party itself. The crowd followed her like magnet as she made her way inside, wandering from stand to stand to the photo booth. Inside each stand was a product range, where you could swatch it, try it on, first hand. “It’s makeup, it’s not serious, it won’t bite!” Rihanna proclaimed in her opening address. The makeup artists, who were genuinely thrilled to teach you how if you put a little Trophy Wife on your collar bones “they’d really pop!”, would colour match you, then swipe a wrist band on you – later on you’d be presented with a customised goodie bag. That is if you could make it there without tripping over yet another girl dressed in some outrageously cool outfit. Like these ladies:

Image: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Fenty Beauty

But, despite not being invited to her private area when she did escape,  or even making eye contact to be honest, I did actually find out some pretty interesting things about Rihanna. Five things, in fact.