Choosing a blusher is not easy, but we all know that a good blush is one of the basic make-up must-haves for any beauty junkie. The right shade applied on the right areas of the face can make you look healthier and more awake.

But how do you get that perfect rosy look? Do you apply the product on the apples, cheekbones or cheek hollows?

Ms Elyse Reneau, global pro artist at American cosmetics label Too Faced, says there is an easy way to apply blush to always look refreshed.

She also gives tips on how to select the right shade.

  • As easy as X and O

One of her favourite ways to take the guesswork out of blush is to use Too Faced’s signature “X and O” technique, which gives the cheeks a lifted appearance. Using a blush brush, start at the high point of your cheekbone and sweep down towards the apple and make the letter X, then blend it back upwards with small Os.

  • When it is too much

If you feel like you have used too much product, you can apply a little compact powder over it to blend it out or use the leftover foundation on your make-up sponge to blot it down.

  • The right shade

Pastel tones are great on fair skin because they brighten instantly, but still look soft and natural. Olive and deeper skin tones tend to come alive with brighter shades of pink and berry.

  • A universal colour

If you cannot seem to find your perfect pink, try a peach and bronze tone blush, which is flattering on all skin tones.

Text: Melissa Heng / The Straits Times / March 2017

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