Just like bags and shoes, I can never get enough of red lipsticks because there’s nothing that a tube of red lipstick won’t fix for me. Be it with a dash of matte shadow or flick of black eyeliner, throw in a splash of red lips and your look is transformed in a flash. From matte to glossy, bright to dark, red is your best bet for a look that’s glamorous, stylish or simply statement-making. No doubt everyone has their own opinion on the best shade of red but here are my 25 favourites.

There you have it – 100 lipsticks in top shades and finishes for the ultimate lipstick fan!

Hope you have enjoyed them and do stay tuned because I am sure that I will be updating you with more new lipsticks in the coming months!

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Text: Cynthia Chew

Image:  Showbit.com