For that gorgeous sun-kissed glow, skip the self-tanning gel and reach for a bronzer instead. Admittedly many of us are still afraid to do that for fear of creating uneven streaks on our faces. But when done right, the bronzer is more useful than you think. It is not only used for faking a sun-kissed holiday look, it can also be used to contour the faces.

For that holiday tan sans the sun, lightly sweep the bronzing powder all over your face and down to the neck. Next, lightly dust again over the forehead, cheeks, chin and bridge of the nose – places where the sun naturally hits the face. If you’re using a stick format bronzer, skip the full face step and just swipe on the sun-kissed areas mentioned then blend with a brush or your fingers.

Tip #1: If you’re afraid of the colour coming on too strong, sweep bronzer onto the back of your hand first before applying it to your face.

Tip #2: Go for shimmer rather than matte finish.

Tip #3: Another way to use a stick is to go over it with a contouring brush then sweep over the cheeks.

Tip #4: Blend until you can’t see any clear lines on the face.

Tip #5: Finish with a touch of highlighter above the cheekbones and chin to add dimension.

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Text: Cynthia Chew