Photographer, director, stylist and blogger Margaret Zhang now also fronts Bvlgari’s Omnia Pink Sapphire along with Madison Beer and Amanda Steele. Filled with pomelo, spicy pink pepper, frangipani and white musk, the bright and multi-faceted perfume is not unlike the Australian multi-hyphenate. In Malaysia to launch the fragrance, Margaret shared her top tips for the best selfies, go-to wardrobe pieces and what’s next for her in a round of quick-fire questions.


Describe Bvlgari perfumes in just three words.
Classically Italian and bold.

Three words to describe Bvlagri Omnia Pink Sapphire.
Effervescent, tenacious, energetic.

Three words to describe your experience working with Bvlgari.
Spontaneous, laughter, unpredictable.

What is your go-to outfit item?
Oversized, slouchy blazers – generally menswear actually, they always fit so much better.

So, that’s your go-to item for anytime you’re out for an event, whether it’s formal or informal?
Yeah, I feel that even if you’re wearing a T-shirt, it just formalises things.

If you had to describe your personal style in one word, what would it be?
Eclectic. That’s kind of a cheat though, because then it opens up all these options.

You’re a photographer, director and you’re in front of the camera a lot. What is the most difficult thing of being a multifaceted creative?
I think it’s quite confusing for people. It’s great that people can pick the thing that they relate to, but often they have a hard time separating out me as a front-facing figure, me as behind the camera, and when I’m consulting or shooting. It’s a lot going on so that people often ask, “What are you doing now?”

When it comes to selfies and taking portraits, what is the best lighting?
Overhead lighting generally sucks, it just makes strange shadows on your face. Early morning and late evening light is always the best. Also, when it’s overcast and rainy, it’s actually really great for photos because it acts like a diffuser.

What’s the next for you?
I am working on a feature-length screenplay at the moment, and it is very intense. But hopefully that will go into development soon. I’m halfway through, I need to confine myself to the desert and finish it.

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Image: Margaret Zhang Instagram