Bright-coloured backgrounds and cheesy poses are not one would expect from an advertisement selling anti-ageing products, but that’s exactly what you’ll see in Kiehl’s latest campaign with Derek Zoolander.

The character from Zoolander 2, played by Ben Stiller, is the face of the brand’s collaboration with the movie.

Like the movie, the ads add tongue-in-cheek humour to the idea of ageing, with quotes that hit close to home.

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If you’re done laughing at the posters, consider buying these for the men in your life because you’re not the only one who needs TLC (and we know how most men are when it comes to grooming).

And while you’re at the Kiehl’s store, snap a photo with the life-sized cutout of Derek Zoolander and upload on social media with the hashtags #zoolander2kiehls and #kiehlssg. Channel your inner Blue Steel and impress with your shots.

The products are available at Kiehl’s stores, while the life-sized cutouts are available in selected outlets.

Images: Kiehl’s