The beauty world was shook when everything unicorn came out, from brushes to highlighters, but it seems there’ll be a new trend taking over the scene and it’s a theme we’ll love as much as the unicorn –mermaids.

When Australian-based website Mermaid Salon uploaded photos of mermaid brushes on their Instagram account, everyone went nuts.

The brush, called “chubby mermaid carve and contour brush”, is flat with rounded top – which kinda reminds us of Becca’s The One Perfecting Brush, albeit in a slightly different shape. But what caught our attention was the intricately-designed scales that adorn the paddle. SOLD.

It comes in three colours, rose gold, silver and matte black – because who says a mermaid can’t like black, right? – and based on their Instagram post, it seems rose gold is (unsurprisingly) the hot favourite.

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When compared to an iPhone 7, the brush comes up to only slightly more than half that size, which means it’s small enough to be carried around in your purse.

If one brush is not enough for you to get your mermaid feels, invest in the Artis Makeup Brushes-inspired FANTASEA, which features 10 rainbow-coloured brushes in a clamshell case.

And if that’s not enough mermaid-inspired brushes for you, check out Spectrum Collections – the same folks who came up with ombre brushes – as they stock super pretty normal brushes in pastel-toned clamshell cases.