We Tried Michelle Yeoh’s Trick To Make Her Eyes Look Bigger

So yesterday, Michelle Yeoh’s makeup artist gave The Cut a step-by-step guide on how she made the Crazy Rich Asians actress’ eyes looked bigger when she did her makeup for Golden Globes.


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Beauty Editor Smita suggested doing a story but I thought, what if we got a staffer to recreate it to see if it really worked? We challenged our Senior Designer Li Yuan to create the eye look and she was as skeptical as you are right now.

What Michelle’s makeup artist used.

Sounds easy? Li Yuan tried to do the same.

Eyeliner first…

…then eyeshadow.

Tightline. Be careful not to poke your eye.

No mascara primer? Just use two kinds of mascara.

Apply two coats each.

See the difference?


Plus, here’s a tip we discovered: If you have hidden lids, draw a thicker line of eyeliner.

Image: Michelle Yeoh’s Instagram


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