Asepso Apple Fresh With Antibacterial Agent (650ml), $5.20

A whiff of this shower gel and your senses will be instantly invigorated by the refreshing fruit extracts. What’s more, these extracts also provide moisture to your skin, leaving your skin supple and fresh all day.

And in case you’re wondering about its cleansing power, you should know that Asepso is known for its antibacterial products. This shower gel contains an antibacterial agent that kills 99.9 percent of germs, so you’re as clean as it gets. It’s also available in a gentle formulation with jojoba oil and chamomile extracts – perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Keep yours hands clean

Asepso Hand Sanitiser (100ml), $2.50

A hand sanitiser is a lifesaver when you’re out and about. Clean your hands on the go with the convenient and effective Asepso Hand Sanitiser. Available in two formulations – Original and Aloe – the anti-bacterial agent ensures your hands are germ-free and clean. Best of all, it uses a non-sticky formula, so your hands are smooth and fresh after each use.

Available at Guardian and myCK department stores.