Are you so over contouring? Thirsty for the flawless glow that models like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Jourdan Dunn have totally mastered? 

Maybe you thought the answer was strobing – basically another fancy-sounding term the makeup world invented for highlighting. But when you whacked a load of highlighter onto your face, you ended up looking more like a shiny Cabbage Patch Kid, instead of a supermodel.

So now, the hottest finish that’s got the beauty world buzzing is “nontouring” – a soft contoured look that naturally defines the forehead and cheekbones with bronzer, but amps up the glow factor with a generous application of highlighter. Because the look uses less makeup than regular contouring, the effect is also more dewy and see-through, more like a second skin, rather than the heavily matte and perfected finish you get from contouring.

So basically, it’s a light contour + strobing. Yup, it’s definitely not a reinvention of the wheel, and we were disappointed to find out that nontouring isn’t a brand new technique. But we still gotta admit – Kendall Jenner’s skin is absolutely gorgeous. 

How do you get the look? According to Marie Claire, you can achieve it by using primer, bb cushion and highlighter. (But isn’t that just like a basic makeup routine?!? C’mon, guys, seriously.) 

Instead, for a full explanation of how to nail the nontoured look (light contouring included), check out this beauty vlogger’s step-by-step video. We gotta agree with her, it’s not the same if you don’t have super-worthy cheekbones. But the upside is it’s a great everyday, in-between look that doesn’t require as much as contouring, yet still gives you more definition than strobing.


Nontouring – what do you think??? 

Text: Kit Chua
Images: TPG/Click Photos