Oily lids. Ahh, the bane of every eyeliner-wearing girl’s life. They’re like party crashers that come uninvited and turn the party of liner on your lids upside down, leaving a messy trail in their wake. The result? Panda eyes. Or, if you’re lucky, an unintentional smokey eyes look.

But hold on, oily lids girls! Don’t throw in the towel just yet. These tips may very well help you counter that annoying problem and say goodbye to smudges.

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Want more tips? We asked CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame judge and influencer Mong Chin (@mongabong) for tips on acing your eyeliner. Every. Single. Time

  1. Choosing the right type of eyeliner is key. Work with what you’re most familiar with whether it’s a felt-tip, pencil, brush, liquid or gel.
  2. The trick is to draw your eyeliner looking straight into the mirror with your eyes open. This gives you the most accurate representation of how your eyeliner will look, especially for people with hidden eyelids or monolids.
  3. The ends of the wings of your eyeliner will determine the shape and feel of the eyes. Angling the wing upwards will result in a fierce, sexy look. Take it down a notch for a cute, innocent look.

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